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Govt extend linking adhaar to pan,bank account

The center informed the supreme court that the deadline of linking adhaar card will extend till 31st march next year.it told a bench headed by chief justice deepak mishra that extension of deadline from december end this year till 31st march 2018  for those persons who do not have 12 digit biomatric identification number.

The extension would include 139 government subsidies , benefits or services, which  are funded out of the consolidated fund of india as per section 7 of the adhaar act of 2016.The extension would in all likelihood ,inculde the mandatory of Adhara with bank account.

Mr . venugopal  said,”if that is the case,nobody will produce it[Adhara].We have said that those with Adhara do not mind producing their Adhara”.

senior advocate shyam  divan,apparing  some of the petitioners, contented that  final hearing in the main adhaar matter which is pending bofore the apex court was necessery at governmentdivan said” CANNOT COMPLE” to citicens to link their adhaar with either bank account and  mobile number.

“final hearing of matter is necessery. They can make a statement that they will not take course of action against those who dont want to link adhaar,divan said

The Adhara petitions are in limbo in the supreme  court since 2014.



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