Jyotirmayee Bal Has Created An Enviable Space In The Glamour Industry

Jyotirmayee Bal


Odisha based actress Jyotirmayee Bal aka Millie has created an enviable space for herself in the glamour industry. She is the winner and the one to rise up her hands with MU MISS ODISHA 2014 crown, is from the small town of Damanjodi, Odisha.

A few days after the show she got offered by Ollywood actor Pupinder Singh for the movie Aakhi Buji dele Tu. Currently she is quite busy in shooting for this movie directed by the duo Pupinder and Murli.

Life And Career:

Jyotirmayee started her career in the fashion industry with modeling when she was only 18 years old and has moved with the changing times and tastes.

She was also the first runners up in the Navy Queen 2012 pageant where she was groomed up and adopt the basics of modelling from dressing sense to ramp walk. The actress prefers to pursue a career in modelling. 

Jyotirmayee is a good scholar and always tries to maintain a balance between profession and academicsShe got a very supportive family and her family members are encouraging a lot for her continuous success.

Jyotirmayee Bal

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