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Karan Singh Ray Coming With His Next Ollywood Flick Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi

Karan Singh Ray coming with Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi
Recently Ollywood actor Karan Singh Ray who entered through the last year Odia movie Mun Gandhi Nuhen, is coming with his next Ollywood flick Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi.
In this movie three actresses are leading opposite of Karan and he is getting confused to whom he will get marry and this is the story line of the movie Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi. This is basically a love  story.
Karan is playing the male protagonist and Babli, Ipsita and Sanjana are in female lead. Need to wait till the movie release to know what is happening with Karan.
Priyadarshi media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd produced this movie is the 3rd venture, directed by Lokanath Barik and movie producer is Rabi Nandan.
Music by Agniraj Kishore and dialogue by Ajay Samal. Nirmal Nayak and Arun Mantri are lyricist.
 Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi

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