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Maa – A New Odia Short Movie By Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust


Maa is the greatest creation of god, there is not a specific definition for her. She fulfills the main social role in raising the child.

Maa is an Odia short film produced by Soumyasmita Pattanaik and directed by Manas Parida. After a great success of short movie Bapa, this is the 2nd venture of Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust.

30 minutes long this movie Maa revolve around the theme of ‘mother’ and ‘motherly love’.

The Story:

Manas Parida’s Maa features Irsha Bebarta, Dharitri Khandual and Chintamani Biswal, in a beautiful tale about a Mother and son’s relationship. This Odia short film shows how a mother has to handle things when the father is no longer there in their lives.

Sumitra Devi Takes care of son Ravi after the death of her husband. Ravi grown up with a proper guidance and got a good job after completing his education.

Then he went to Foreign for his work purpose and sometimes coming to meet his mother. Gradually Sumitra Devi becoming week and lastly dying is all about the story.


Cast & Crew Of Maa:

Banner – Nirmala Kruti Bikash Trust

Story – Dillip Pattanaik

Producer – Soumyasmita Pattanaik

Screenplay & Direction – Manas Parida

Photography – Ranjan Mishra

Star Cast – Irsha Bebarta, Dharitri Khandual, Chintamani Biswal,

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