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Mahurat of Upcoming Odia Film “Katha Deli Matha Chhuin” Held

katha Deli Matha Chhuin

Movie Muhurat:

The Mahurat of upcoming Odia movie “Katha Deli Matha Chhuin” was held at Durga temple in Jharpada, Bhubaneswar on Wednesday (9th Nov). Avisekh Rath, Riya Dey, Aman, Prem Anand, Bapu Goswami, Ashish Das and many others are presented from the filmdom.

Avisekh, Riya, Aman and Papu Pom Pom will be seen in the lead roles. Among others, veteran actors Bijay Mohanty, Mihir Das, Pintu Nanda and Salil Mitra will also be seen in this movie

Story Line:

The story revolves around a rich girl Lekha (Riya) who leaves home after falling in love with a middle-class guy Jeet (Aman). After several attempts to live a better life, she meets a rich guy Krish (Abhishek) and the plot turns towards its climax.

This is the debut film of actor Aman, who is a theater artist. He is very excited for this movie and excepting that audience will like his character and entertain.

Katha Deli Matha Chhuin produced under the banner of Range Royal Cinelab, the film is being directed by Shailendra Parida and produced by Shridhara Martha. Music Director Prem Anand will score the music while the dialogues will be written by Bapu Goswami.

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