“Mera Yeh Jahan” A New Musical Video To Star Poonam Mishra

Mera Yeh Jahan Musical Video

After a successful journey in the Ollywood industry Poonam Mishra trying her luck in a music video named “Mera Yeh Jahan”. Poonam will act opposite Sushant Panda.

Sushant Panda also taking the responsibility of concept and creative direction part.

S3 Movies Presents

Song : Mera Yeh Jahan
Singer : Humane Sagar, Sonam Dash
Music : Sudeep Jena
Lyrics : Manish Agnibhoj
Music Label : Venus
Video director : Pooja and Satish
Concept and Creative Director : Sushant Panda
Starting: Poonam Mishra, Sushant Panda

Mera Yeh Jahan Musical Video

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