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Mitha Mitha Odia Movie Is Delay To Release Due To Some Reasons

Mitha Mitha Odia Movie

Mitha Mitha Odia  movie is delay to release. Produced under the banner of Sun Music, the film was supposed to be released Today (10th March). However, due to some reasons the release date has been shifted to the second week of April.

There are three pairs in the movie. Sambhav – Prakruti, Jyoti – Ankita and Shradha – Rajesh are the onscreen pairs. Apart from them Shrikant Goutam, Pruthwiraj Nayak, Harihar Mohapatra  and Samita Mohanty  are coming with vital characters.

Srikant Goutam is the director in this movie while music is scored by Malay Mishra.

All are eagerly waiting to the release of this movie as this is a different kind of love story. Hopefully this will able to entertain audience.

Mitha Mitha Odia Movie

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