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“Mitha Mitha” Upcoming Odia Movie Of 2016

MItha Mitha

Mitha Mitha upcoming odia movie is waiting to add in the list of Ollywood movies. This is a different kind of love story based odia movie.

Very soon audience will enjoy this movie of three on screen pair’s love romance. Sambhab with Prakruti, Jyoti with Ankita, Rajesh with Shradha are three reel pairs of this movie.

Ollywood famous director Shrikant Goutam will direct this movie. Jyoti, Ankita, Rajesh, Shradha and Sambhav are totally new face to Ollywood where Prakruti, Jyoti are well known to the Odia film industry.

Need to wait to know more in detail about this movie that what will happen next.

MItha Mitha

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