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Mo Dil kahe Ilu Ilu Odia Movie Reviews, Premiere

Mo Dil kahe Ilu Ilu Odia Movie Released on 25th September 2015

“Mo Dil Kahe Ilu Ilu” Odia movie by Priyashree Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd. This movie is Directed by Loknath Barik (Musa). The Movie starring Shruti Das Mohapatra and Dev Srichandan.

The story, screenplay, direction is by Loknath Barik, dialogues written bt Chinmay Das Pattnaik.

Mo Dil Kahe Ilu Ilu

Agniraj Kishor has directed the music for the lyrics by Arun Mantri, produced by Rabin Nanda and Rajesh Padhi.

Running in Cinema Hall :

 11:30 AM 06:00 PM


Movie Reviews:

Premiere Show Photos :

Premiere Show Photo Gallery at Shriya Talkies, S Complex, Bhubaneswar.

Shruti & DevKrrishnaShrutiSwatikKrrishna & RabinDevRabin, Lokanath & Dev




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