For The First Time Naina Das Is Pairing Up With Sidhant Mohapatra

Naina Dash

Most beautiful actress Naina Dash already spent a long innings of 13 years in the Ollywood industry. She has done many album videos, mega serials and odia movies and “Maa Mangala” is her debut odia movie. Then she had seen in movies like Sashu Ghara Chalijibi, Mo Mana Khali Tori Pain, Munna- A Love Story, Puja Pain Phulatie and Bahudibe Mo Jaga Balia etc. She has also done many Telugu movies.

For the first time Naina is going to pair up with Ollywood supersar Sidhant Mohapatra in upcoming odia movie “Tamaku Dekhila Pare”. They both are working under the direction of Ollywood director Chandan Mohapatra.

Apart form Sidhant and Naina other stars like Sambit, Jhilik, Harihar Mohapatra, Minaketan, Priyanka, Pradyumna Lenka, Jiban Panda are also coming with different characters.

Naina Dash

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