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Odia Movie Khyanika: The Lost Idea To Be Premiered At Hidden Gems Film Festival in Canada

Its really awesome to hear that Odia film Khyanika : the Lost Idea, by filmmaker Amartya Bhattacharya based in bhubaneswar has been selected to be premiered at Hidden Gems Film Festival in Canada starting on April 29.

The film stars Amrita Chowdhury, Bhaswati Basu, Susant Mishra, Choudhury Bikash Das, Hrushikesh Bhoi and Swastik Choudhury in the lead roles while Anu Choudhury appeared as a guest performer.

A unique art-house festival, the ‘Hidden Gems’ as the name suggests screens eight unique films from India each year.

The film is a fantasy driven tale of two men, a poet and a painter, claiming possession over the same idea, in a rural village portrayed as a wonderland. Idea is personified as a beautiful young lady, free of all bondage. The two men try to justify their claim over their idea through their forms of art. Unable to settle the conflict, the two men approach ‘Fate’ personified as a big fat man of authority, to judge their claims. They soon realized that idea is no one’s possession and it isn’t wise to rely on fate for a judgement. They decide to bury their fate, and settle the matter in peace.

Khyanika-the Lost Idea

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