Odisha Legislative Assembly Today Passed The Odia University Bill

The Odisha Legislative Assembly on Thursday passed two Bills, the University of Odia Language and Literature Bill, 2017 and the Odisha Service of Engineers (Validation of Appointment) Amendment Bill, 2017 following a discussion.

The Bill introduced by higher education minister Ananta Das was welcomed by the opposition members of the Assembly but they raised questions on certain clauses in the Bill.

After Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Odisha became the fourth state in country to have a special university for development of its language and literature, said higher education minister Ananta Das.

The proposed varsity will impart education at the post graduate level on different areas of Odia literature, Odia language linguistics, comparative literature, Odia criticism, antique, ancient record, evolution of east Indian language scripts, tribal language study, regional language study, epigraphy, archaeology and musicology, said Das.

The proposed varsity also aims use of information technology and conduct research for overall development of Odia language and literature. It would work as an education and resource centre for Sanskrit and other ancient languages as well, sources said.

Odisha Legislative Assembly Today Passed The Odia University Bill

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