Odisha Police Issued Guidelines For Hotels, Lodges & Guest Houses

Odisha police today issued fresh guidelines for to ensure safety of people staying in hotels, lodges and guest houses in the state.

Owners of hotels, lodges and other guest houses in the state have been asked to install CCTVs to cover entry, exit and other prominent locations in the wake of recent incidents of terrorism and rising crimes

DGP RP Sharma has written a letter to all superintendents of police and Commissionerate police directing to follow the guidelines to ensure proper security measures in hotels.

Hotel owners have been asked to conduct proper verification of the occupants before allotting rooms and submit the daily report of occupants at local police station.

The hotel owners and staff have been asked to ensure timely registration and renewal as per Sarai Act with the respective district collectors and Commissionerate of Police.

Odisha Police Issued Guidelines For Hotels, Lodges & Guest Houses

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