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Ollywood Flick “Swahaa” Under The Direction Of Filmmaker Jitu Rout

The Odia album and filmmaker Jitu Rout going to direct his next Ollywood flick “Swahaa”. Which is a horror movie will start shoot from 5th of February.

Jitu Rout always bringing something new, it may be album or may be film. This time also he is trying to complete this movie within 6 days and it is first time in Ollywood industry.

He gave us a film named “Rudra” in 2013, that we can never get tired of watching. Nobody could think that a film can complete within 12 days. But it was.

After that, his recent Odia cinema “Swahaa” produced by Adishakti Entertainment. Dialogue by Hrudananda Sahoo, Music by Gagan Bihari and Camera Bapi Sahu. Apart from direction, story & screenplay will be by Jitu Rout.

This is all about a horror movie and Mr. Rout is using the story with 100 years back concept.

We have undying faith in his directorial abilities and we’re sure that he’ll make something that will touch our hearts again with his unique cinematic experience.

Cast & Crew:

Movie Name – Swahaa

Banner – Adishakti Entertainment

Direction, Story & Screenplay – Jitu Rout

Dialogue – Hrudananda Sahoo

Music – Gagan Bihari

Camera – Bapi Sahu



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