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Ollywood Looks Set For A Bumper Year 2017

Tamaku Dekhila Pare

New Year 2017 has been started, the year coming with numbers of good Ollywood movies. The first month of the year bringing many big starrer movies. 

Dele Dhara Katha Sare fame Jyoti Ranjan Nayak and Bhaina Kan Kala Se fame Tamanna Vyas coming together with romantic and action thriller Nijhum Ratira Sathi, releasing on 1st January 2017.

The superstar Sidhant Mohapatra undoubtedly reckons as the king of Odia film Industry.  Again in new year Anu and Sidhant chemistry will melt your heart, a romantic action thriller and drama flick “God Father”. Bollywood hot actress Rakhi Sawant performing one item song “Shampoo Shampoo Basuchu” in this movie. 

Movies Tamaku Dekhila Pare and Dil Diwana Heigala. Sidhant, Naina, Jhilik, Sambit are leading in Tamaku Dekhila Pare and Babushan, Sheetal leading in Dil Diwana Heigala. 

For New Year everything is unpredictable in Ollywood, we can’t say that which movie will earn more money or which one will steal hearts through the concept, story, and performances. All are hoping for better returns than his 2016 releases and eagerly waiting for new year.

Tamaku Dekhila Pare

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