Ollywood Superstar Sabyasachi Chosen As The Brand Ambassador Of Green Chillyz

Sabyasachi Chosen As The Brand Ambassador Of Green Chillyz

A small initiative taken in 1999 has turned into a big venture and that is called GREEN CHILLYZ. Within this 17 years it has become the no.1 restaurant and also the first choice of customers. All the dedication hardship has shown the colors of success.

Addressing a press conference the MD of GREEN CHILLYZ, Mr. Keshab Rao told the media that, “the quality of their food and all the good wishes of the people of Odisha has brought them to the top.”

In this occasion Ollywood cum Tollywood superstar Mr. Sabyasachi Mishra has been announced as the Brand Ambassador Of Green Chillyz.On the other hand Sabyasachi told that, ” he is very happy and also feeling proud being a part of such a big brand. The actor too added that Green Chillyz has reached the level because it has never compromised with its quality and he will surely give a new dimension to this as well as the responsibility given to him.”

After Bhubaneswar Cuttack, Berhampur and Bengaluru, to give the best food destination. Now this restaurant all set to open its most awated resturant in Khura NH5 called THE HIGHWAY RESTAURANT told director Mr. Jayprasad Rao. It meant both for the families as well as it will surely attract the young generation added Mr. Jayprasad Rao.

Newly coming to the scenario Green Chillyz catering is all set to give the best taste to its customer. To add better taste to the food of Green Chillyz chefs both from India and outside are being placed.

It is also opening its outlet in franchise mode added another Director Mr. Tejeswar Rao. It has never been a profit making organization rather it is helping the new comers to being their carrier in it. In this year Green Chillyz is opening its new outlets in all cities of Odisha as well as metros like, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. In this occasion the media planner of Green Chillyz Mr. Pranaya Jethi coordinates the programme.


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