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Papu Pam Pam – Coming To Entertain Audience

Papu Pam Pam

Papu Pam Pam is known as the Ollywood king of laughter. Within a friction of time he has spread his acting rediance and made his place strong in the Ollywood Industry.

His comedy punch and timing sense is creating a huge gather of audience, it may be live stage show or cinema. He has done many movies and his last released movie is “Bye Bye Dubai” in which he appeared with 5 different comedy characters.

Again he is coming in new upcoming cinemas includes Dil Ka Raja, Katha Deli Matha Chhuin and Mun Khanti Odia Jhia.

Shooting already started for Dil Ka Raja, Katha Deli Matha Chhuin. Again Papu coming to entertain audience in coming year.

Papu Pam Pam

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