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Papu Pam Pam Lent His Voice For The Upcoming Movie

All knows that Papu Pam Pam is a best comedian in the Ollywood industry and an all rounder too. He is pairing up with Ollywood singer Sanju Mohanty and lent his voice for the duet song in the upcoming movie “Mun Khanti Odia Jhia” of Elina Samantray.

The song is “Sitare Mo Deha Tharuchi, Anta Mo Dohali Jauchi”, this is a comedy type item number of lyricist Manas. This movie is going to direct under the Ollywood Director Avtar Singh.

Papu Pam Pam is very busy for his reality show Excuse Me Ethara Michha Kahibi and upcoming movie Dil Ka Raja.

Papu Pam Pam Papu Pam Pam Papu Pam Pam Lent His Voice For The Upcoming Movie Papu Pam Pam 300x295

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