Paresh Rawal’s Guest Iin London Movie Review

By ENO Beuro

July 08, 2017

Guest Iin London, starring Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Kharbanda in the leading roles, along with Paresh Rawal and Tanvi Azmi, was expected more fun but it is a light-hearted comedy. Here Paresh Rawal playing an uninvited guest.

Movie Review:

Guest Iin London starts with Aryan (Kartik Aaryan) wanting to do a fake wedding with a UK citizen, Anaya (Kriti Kharbanda), so that he can settle in the country. Unexpectedly and uninvited, two of their apparently distant relatives turn up in London, Paresh Rawal and Tanvi Azmi.

Anaya stays at Aryan’s house to convince everyone and the court that they’re actually getting married, which is when the relatives enter and the situation gets messy.

Talking about Rawal’s character, that seems to be a consistent personality trait throughout the movie. That could have much better as he is a talented actor.

In the middle of the movie finally the couples got married and after that they’ve fallen in love with each other.

Kartik Aryan and Kriti Kharbanda looks good and plays the role well.