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Popular Ollywood Stars Who Sang For Their Own Films

Sabyasachi Mishra singing

From acting to singing in their own movies, Ollywood celebrities have always been a step ahead of their contemporaries. 

Here’s a list of Ollywood actors who not only displayed their acting skills on the big screen, but also went behind the mike to explore their singing skills too.

Sabyasachi Mishra:

Ollywood superstar who recently dipped his feet in the singing pool is Sabyasachi Mishra. Many would be surprised to know that Sabyasachi Mishra lent his voice to the beautiful title song for his movie Hela Mate Prema Jara and the actor also sang the title song for his much acclaimed movie Pilata Bigidi Gala.

Sabyasachi Mishra singing

Babushan Mohanty:

Undoubtedly the talented actor cum singer, Babushan has a truly unique voice. Added to the fact that he’s a much good actor gives his films an edge through his singing. He has been singing his own films from the starting of his film career.

Songs like Dhire Dhire Chal Re Samaya (Chocolate), Megharu Tu Jharilu Na (Prema Adhei Akhyara), Sunyataku Pachare Jebe(Super Michhua), Tu Mo Saregama (Dil Deewana Heigala) and many more songs stand as a testimony of his singing talent. 

babushan Mohanty-singing

Papu Pam Pam:

Another multi-talented actor of Ollywood is Papu Pam Pam . All knows that, he’s the brightest star of the industry. The actor showed his singing skills with many songs. One of his song is Twinkle twinkle (Love Station), this song became an instant hit among the youth.

Papu Pam Pam

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