Prashanta Nanda – A Great Personality In Odia Film Industry

Prashant Nanda

Personal Profile:

Name – Prashant Nanda

Date Of Birth – 3rd May 1947

Home Town- Bhubaneswar

Profession – Film Actor, Politician, director, screenplay writer, lyricist, playback singer

Marital Status – Married

Biography Of Prashant Nanda:

Prashant Nanda is a popular film actor of Odia film industry. In the year 1962, he debuted as the lead role in the Odia movie Nua Bou a National award winning movie. He also worked as an actor, director, screenwriter, lyricist and playback singer. Nanda acted as male protagonist and directed the Hindi film Naiyya released in the year 1979. In 2009, his film Jianta Bhoota was released.

Life & Career:

Prashant Nanda became active in the industry from 1962 to till date. In 1966 he played lead role in Mrinal Sen directed movie Matira Manisha which includes both Gandhiana and Marxist ideologies, a noted work. Then he appeared in the movie like Shesha Shraban, Samaya and Adina Megha.

He also directed many movies like Pooja, Swapna Sagar, Jaga Balia, Bagula Baguli, Maa, Nyaya Chakra, Jaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Dora, Paka Kambal Pot Chhata, Hisab Nikash, Golamgiri and many more. Jianta Bhoota won National Film Awards under National Film Awards for Best Non-Feature Film category in the year 2009.

He was the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) senior leader and Odisha state Vice President. He resigned from his membership in August 2007. After that he joined the Nationalist Congress Party and then became a member of Biju Janata Dal.

Filmography Of Prashant Nanda:

As An Actor:

1979 – Naiyya

1976 – Sesha Shrabana

1975 – Samaya

1970 Adina Megha

1966 – Matira Manisha

1960 – Nua Bou

As A Director:

2016 – Mitha Mitha (Upcoming)

2011 – Thukul

2009 – Jianta Bhuta

2002 – Om Shanti Om

1994 – Lal Pan Bibi

1993 – Ghara Sanshara

1991 – Maa

1989 – Jaa Devi Sarvha Bhuteshu, Nyaya Chakra

1988 – Lal Pan Bibi

1987 – Golamgiri

1986 – Bagula Baguli, Paka Kambal Pot Chhata

1984 – Dora, Grahasthi, Jaga Balia

1983 – Swapna sagara

1982 – Hishab Nikash

1981 – Pooja

1980 – Maa O Mamata

1979 – Naiyya

1978 – Balidan

1977 – Paheli

1976 – Sesha Shrabana

Music Director:

Ghara Sanshara

Prashant Nanda
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