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Romeo Juliet Odia Movie Will Be Releasing On 14 July 2017

romeo juliet odia movie poster

Varsha Priyadarshini and Arindam Roy‘s next film “Romeo Juliet” will be releasing on 14 July 2017.

Produced by MR Movies the film is directed by Sudhakar Vasant and produced by Ramesh Barik.

Mihir Das, Jeeban Panda and many other popular Ollywood stars shared screen as the supportive actors.

It is not the first time when Premanand is composing music for a film. Many of his soundtracks have been sweeping hits and this time also all songs are grand and very romantic and hugely accepted in Youtube channel. All cine lovers really looking forward to watch a great movie with a wonderful compositions.

Singers like Human Sagar, Ananya Nanda, Diptirekha, Aashutosh have lent their voice.

romeo juliet odia movie poster


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