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Sanjay Nayak Directed Movie “Tu Thile Mun Achhi” Shooting Completed In 5 Days

By ENO Beuro

February 22, 2017

Ollywood successful director Sanjay Nayak has set a new record by completed the shooting of an upcoming movie “Tu Thile Mun Achhi” in just 5 days.

The shooting of all songs and scenes of the movie completed within five days, which is a remarkable achievement for director Sanjay Nayak.

Both director Sanjay Nayak and Producer Anam Charan Sahoo, well planned and prepared to complete the shoot withing a record time period. Whole team member also given their best to make it a perfect entertainment package.

Chandan Kar, Riyana Sukla and Deepa Mohanty are in the main lead. Malay Mishra is the music director. There are 2 songs in the movie.

Earlier, Sanjay Nayak has completed two other films, Rangila Baba and Nijhum Ratira Sathi, in record times.

Here is the HD video song “Tu Achhuta Mun Achhi”of the movie Tu Thile Mun Achhi.