Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder Case, Police Searching Evidence

Senior journalist, editor and activist Gauri Lankesh (55), was shot and murdered at the entrance of her home in Bengaluru West on Tuesday evening. Her body was taken to Victoria Hospital for a post-mortem.

As per source, Four bullets were pumped into the editor of the Kannada weekly Lankesh Patrike at her doorstep after she had stepped out of her car and opened the gates to her home which lay in darkness at around 8 pm.

“A total of seven bullets were fired out of which four missed the target and hit the wall of the house. Three bullets had hit her — two in her chest area and one in the forehead,” Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar said.

One of the killers is seen in what looks like a helmet and black clothes, a police source said.

Ms Lankesh was the older daughter of P Lankesh – a man who brought in a new brand of Kannada journalism. She followed in his footsteps, running her own Kannada paper with views that were never careful or circumspect. She was part of a group that worked for communal harmony. Her views were considered Leftist and anti-Hindutva.

Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh Murder Case, Police Searching Evidence

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