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Sidhant Mohapatra’s Role In His Movie “God Father” Is Special And Powerful

Unfortunate incidents are happening in day to day life. But no body knows that sometimes how it is putting impact in anyone’s life, that may be bad or good. How such incidents affected in the life of a common man is all about the true story of movie “God Father.

Produced under the banner of Chaturbhuja Films, Ramesh Rout is directing and Juganshu Sekhar Panda has produced this movie. Music is by Abhijit Majumdar.

Sidhant Mohapatra is playing the male protagonist. Poster itself saying audience will again enjoy their lovable actors special and very powerful performance in this movie.  After a long time gap Ollywood hit pair Siddhanta Mohapatra and Anu Choudhury will be pair up again in the film. Together they have lastly seen in the odia movie “Kehi Nuhe Kahara”.

The film also introducing newcomers Sasrik Mishra and Ananya Mishra apart from veteran actor Manoj Mishra.Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant will be seen dancing to one of the item numbers in the film.

Other updates are coming very soon. Keep in touch 🙂

God Father is the upcoming Odia film Sidhant Mohapatra's role Sidhant Mohapatra’s Role In His Movie “God Father” Is Special And Powerful God Father is the upcoming Odia film 300x150


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