“Sindura Naina Hele Sundara Dishucha” – Comedy Song Video

MOVIE – Katha Deli Matha Chuuin

PRODUCER – Shridhara Martha

DIRECTION – Shailendra Parida

STAR CAST – Avisekh Rath , Riya , Aman , Papu Pom Pom , Mihir Das , Bijay Mohanty , Salil Mitra etc…


STORY & DIALOGUE – Bapu Goswami

LYRIC – Arun Mantri , Subrat Swain

D.O.P – Dhurbananda Panda

PRODUCTION HOUSE – Range Royal Cinelab

Sindura Naina Hele Sundara Disucha a comedy song pictured on Chandini and Papu Pam Pam. Both are very hopeful for this song with the movie story line.

Sudhakar Basant and Papu Pam Pam together already given many hit songs to the audience. They expecting, this time this one will also be a great hit.

Shailendra Parida who is a great director giving direction for this movie. Shridhara Martha producing this movie with many Ollywood best actors like Avisekh Rath , Riya , Aman , Papu Pom Pom , Mihir Das , Bijay Mohanty , Chandini, Salil Mitra and many others. Chandini, Papu Pam Pam and Salil Mitra will add comedy tadka for this movie.

Now enjoy watching the shooting set masti of “Sindura Naina Hele Sundara Disucha” song video.

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