Sita Bibaha – First Odia Film Completed 80 Years Of Its Existence

Sita Bibaha is the first Odia film

Sita Bibaha is the first Odia film:

Sita Bibaha is the first Odia film completed 80 years of its existence, which released at Laxmi Talkies in Puri on April 28, 1936. Through this movie people got a medium of entertainment. From the beginning of Odia cinema to till date the number reached to 678.

This movie is Directed by the prominent Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami, who also acted in the film, based on the epic story Ramayana.

Sita Bibaha film starred Mohan Sundar Dev Goswami, Makhanlal Banarjee, Krushnachandra Singh, Ramachandra Lal, Narasingha Nanda, Adweta Mohanty, Prabhabati Devi, Radharani, Laxmipriya and Parbati in lead role

This mythological story was written by Shri Kamapala Mishra, was a holistic package encompassing 14 song sequences, 29 scenes and was made at a cost of Rs 30,000.

The second movie came in after a gap of about 13 years. So this went on to be a widely sought after film across the state. A production of Great Eastern Movietone, Lalita was released in 1949.

However, the Odia cine industry in the 50s grew steadily with the release of as many as 10 films. Kalyan Gupta’s Sapta Sajya and Rolls to Eight, Chittaranjan Mitra’s Sri Jagannathwere among the movies released during the 50’s.

It took some time for the Odia film industry to step out of the black and white era. Gapa Hele Bi Sata was the first Odia colour film which was released in 1976.

“It is hard to believe that someone thought of a making a film in Odia at that time. Goswami was an artist and had the vision to conceive such an idea way back in 1936. It was a matter of pride to make a film as at that time; money and commercial success were not the objective,” said eminent filmmaker Sabyasachi Mohapatra.

Banichitra Samanna 2016:

Odia cinema industry developed in many cases including cultural, technology and many more things are part of this.

So every year many award ceremonies are talking place to encourage the whole production team members of the Odia film industry.

Like this one popular and sacred Samanna is Banichitra Samanna which has been publishing for a long time of last 50 years.

Sita Bibaha is the first Odia film

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