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SK Entertainment’s First Venture “Badmash Toka” Releasing Tomorrow

SK Entertainment’s First Venture "Badmash Toka" Releasing Tomorrow

SK Entertainment’s first venture “Badmash Toka” releasing Tomorrow (15th September).  This is a triangular love story of Shiva, Udayan Aparajeet and Malobika Banerjee.  Udayan playing the role of Badmash Toka and  Shiva’s role is positive.

Besides Udayan & Malobika, the film also has young casts like Shiva, Archana, along with veterans such asMihir Das, Hari Mohapatra, Hadu, Ashrumochan, Jiban Panda, Ratan Meher and late Minaketan Das.

Udayan  has also done a Kannad film along with Bengali beauty Malobika.

This movie is directed by Prasant Pal, story has been written by Lingaraj Pati and dialogues penned by Rajani Ranjan. P. Kumar has directed music while Kumar Bapi, Vinod Raathod, Pankaj Jaal, Pintu, Kuldip, Tina and Lisa have lent their voices for various songs of the flick those have been written by Arun Mantri, Pankaj Jaal, Surya Narayan and Sasmal Manash.

“I am nervous because this is my first film and also very hopeful about this. Whole team members are very supportive. All guided to make me perfect in Badmash Toka”, Said Shiva.

“The film has all the ingredients of a successful commercial flick and we are hopeful that it will be liked by the cine lovers. The music is the plus point for the film,” said Udayan.


Badmash Toka (bad boy) in the film comes in contact with a girl and turns up good from bad.

SK Entertainment’s First Venture "Badmash Toka" Releasing Tomorrow



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