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Song Shooting Of Upcoming Movie Aakhi Kholile Tu-Tu Hi Tu

Phurli Jharna is 15 km from Bhawanipatna of Kalahandi Dist. This natural water fall and scenic beauty is beautifully and extensively filmed in the romantic song Jhiri Jhiri Jharana Pade Jhuntia Bajere Chhan Chhana Chhan from the movie Aakhi Kholile Tu-Tu Hi Tu.

The romantic couple in this song is Suryamayee and Deepak.

Deepak is very popular in the Odia film industry but Suryamayee is a fresh face to cine lovers. Hopefully their chemestry will entertain audience.

Suryamayee has done only one movie Bhala Pae Tate 100 ru 100.

Girish Mohanty is the choreographer of this song. Lyricist is Bapu Goswami and this song is directed by Bikash Das.

Song Shooting  Song Shooting Of Upcoming Movie Aakhi Kholile Tu-Tu Hi Tu Movie Song 300x225

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