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South Directors Successful Ollywood Journey

Murali Krishna

Directors are the captain of the film. In fact our heroes are super stars on screen but behind the screen directors are real superstars.

S.K Muralidharan, Sudhakar Basant and M.K Krishna like popular Telugu directors who have made a name for themselves in Ollywood industry. They have made some very critically acclaimed films that has gained much success.

Sudhakar Basant:

Sudhakar Basant is not only a director but also a popular choreographer. He has given many hit songs.

Recently he is excited about his upcoming film “Suna Pila Tike Screw Dhila“. He will direct Ollywood hero Babushan in the film, which will be produced by Babushan himself.

Sudhakar Basant

Murali Krishna:

Murali Krishna is not a name, it’s brand in Odia film industry. Kehi Jane Bhala Lagere, Jaga Hatare Pagha, Agastya, Baby and in many movies directed by him.

Muralidharan always creating a new history in Ollywood through his directed cinemas.

Murali Krishna

S.K Muralidharan

S.K Muralidharan is Well known as  a very good film Director of Odia film industry. He did many films and gained too much of craze in Ollywood.

Target, To Akhire Mun,Aakase Ki Ranga Lagila, Neijare Megha Mote, Chhati Chiri Dele Tu and many more movies directed by him.

He is going to direct another movie having Ollywood top pair Sidhant and Rachana.

S.K Muralidharan

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