Srikant Mishra’s 2 Oriya Albums has released world wide on Akshaya Mohanty’s Birthday

12 Oct the day I wanted to make it special for our legendry singer Late Akshaya Mohanty’s birthday so chosen this date. I have come up with a solo album titled “SHADES OF RAIN” and a Hindi solo Album titled “EK SOCH” this is in fact the second version of the Oriya album. Along with this I also had a digital release for two more albums, one is in Oriya titled “Dreams Unlimited” and the second one is in Kannada titled “Aniyamita Kannada”.

Srikant Mishra : A playback singer based in Bangalore having sung for few kannada movies and for some other regional languages. Parents are in Khordha, dad is retired personal from Indian Air Force, my schooling was done outside of Orissa. If my mother tongue is Oriya, then I would say my father’s tongue is HINDI. I love hindi more than any language.

Shades of Rain: There are more than 2 songs based on rain that made me to think about this unique title.

Similarly the Hindi title, EK SOCH is also relevant to the title track of the album.

My Hindi & Oriya album is a true tribute to the legendary Lyricist Late. Md. Nijam ji. He has penned 4 songs in the Oriya Album and 4 songs in the Hindi Album as well. Other than him I have worked with  Devdas Chhotray, Srikant Gautam, Mohit Chakraborty & Bapu Goswami.
Lyrically I think it has come out very good as I gave full liberty to all my lyricists to give their best.

I have sung & composed all the songs in these albums. This is the first time I am debuting as a music composer through these albums.

Reason behind the projects doing it in two languages: (1) because of Producer’s wish & (2) When I was struggling in Odisha in 2001, one music composer who used to do only devotional projects heard my voice demo in hindi & said that’s okay you sing good in hindi but “Odia gaiba aau hindi gaiba re tafat achhi”. I really felt bad even when I was speaking to him in Oriya that’ was not enough for him to give me a break. But they can happily go to Mumbai to get outdated bollywood singers to sing for there tunes. After a long gap I met him in a studio at Cuttack and deliberately asked to work with him, this time his attitude has all gone and he in fact asked me to take him for my projects, which I happily denied and said sir now I my self can compose so I don’t need to take you and informed him that I did my solo album in Oriya & in Hindi.

I have debuted in 2001 along with singer Kumar Bapi in a non film Oriya album in which Music director Swarup Nayak has given the music.
Since 2004, I have been part of Kannada Film industry, got an entry through a background bit on a movie called ROAD ROMEO. Then sang couple of songs with few people. Most of the projects are still un released or it will never release in future for various reasons. Due to my busy job schedule I refrained my self from the film industry from 2009 till 2014. Then I got an opportunity to sing & write lyrics in Oriya for a multilingual song in Kannada Film titled as “Cigarette”.  After that I got few more assignments in Singing.

Then I got the opportunity to compose & sing for my solo album through  Mr. BIRAJA NATH (Hyderabad). So I took all the pain to work on the project and instead of doing the work in Bangalore I decided to do the whole work with Odisha’s musicians & in a very good recording studio at Bhubaneswar. For me quality was the first priority so we worked in same fashion like south industry works.

Finally all the works have been finished.  2 songs have been made extra one because I somehow wanted to work with Bapu Goswami, second reason I had shown a tune to Nijam ji, he liked it very much and insisted me to have the song in the album so I could not deny his request and made the song in the last. Which is eventually my 1st song in the project, which was admitted by Srikant Gautam ji.

Srikant Gautam was my producer in 2001 for a bhajan album in which I had one song. He is like a elder brother to me, he straight away told that he will not accept any remuneration for this song. This song is also based on Rain. Even Devdas Chhotray ji also denied to take any money for writing the song for me. He in fact invited me for lunch at his residence, when I was there in Cuttack. I am really happy to know all these legendary lyricists of Odisha and feel fortunate to get their blessings on me through their lyrics.

I really miss Md. Nijam ji, as he was the one who was very close to me and wanted me to work for oriya films. He took special interest to introduce me with Abhijit Majumdar & Premanand & Md. Mushir ji. However, nothing has been materialized so far.

Release & birth of “S.M Creations” :  I really had a hard time to get all my projects released. I spoke to the guy who is eventually a film actor and heading a music label in Odisha. Before starting from Bangalore, I was sure that I will release my Oriya projects with him, perhaps he also played with me so I really felt bad by this gesture and felt in my own state there is no value of talent and I might be wasting my time & money.

Now I released all my projects under my own label “S.M. Creations” and it is a world wide release. My songs are available on Wynk Music, Guvera, Hungama.com, Idea music hub, Vodaphone music , Aircel super store & Voda phone Re.1 store & itunes as well.  It is all because of my producers I had to sell of my car and got my projects released.

Video : Everyone says you need to have video of these songs, but thankful to my great producers who have shown me “Apple” while starting the project and ended up with “Guava”(Pijuli). So really can trust anymore so called producers. Hence forth, I will only deal with people and with prior agreement.

Regarding the Kannada project Aniyamita Kanasugalu & the oriya version “Dreams Unlimited” : I have totally four songs in the album 2 solo and 2 duets with Singer Sulagna Dash from Cuttack. She is eventually my other producer. Even through this album I was accidently became composer because of the other Bangalore composer who was suppose to compose all the six songs but could not finish it in six months. So I had to pitch in with my tunes after paying him.

Future Plans : I really love to do a devotional project and a Ghazal album in future. Instead of whole album I would appreciate singles as that’s only running at present.

My inspiration in Music: Md. Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Lata ji & Asha Bhosle. I like R.D Burman’s music because of his sounding. Even Rehman is great, Laxmi Pyare is also my favourite composers,  I love Anu Mallick’s songs as well. I have a variety of taste in music, learnt from many people which includes Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, KK, Kunal, Shaan, Javed Ali, etc. Even Arijit Singh also I love listening to. I like whatever is good. I listen to Punjabi, assamese, Bengali, Telugu & Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada & Marathi music. I love every language as it has its own flavor.


Early days in singing: I started singing on stage from class 5th and won many prizes on school & college level. By 11th standard I got introduced to a professional troupe in Barmer (Raj). In Odisha I have sung live in PURI, Cuttack & in Khordha my native place. I started learning Hindustani at the age of 19 years in Bangalore.

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