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SURDAS ‘E A Tike Alaga Gapa’ upcoming odia Cinema by Papu Pom Pom

suradas music Sitting

SurDas ‘E A Tike Alaga Gapa’:

SurDas ‘E A Tike Alaga Gapa’ upcoming Odia cinema is coming shortly by Papu Pom Pom. The cinema which is coming with a different story. Cinema Direction by K. Bashanta Saho, Music by Abhijeet Majumdar and Lyrics by Dr. Nirmal Nayak.

“(15th-century the greatest blind saint, Surdas was known for Poet and devotional songs. Surdas is said to have written and composed a hundred thousand songs in his magnum opus the ‘Sur Sagar’ (Ocean of Melody), out of which only about 8,000 are extant. He is considered a saguna bhakti poet and so also known as Sant Surdas, a name which literally means the “servant of melody.)”

Cast & Crew of SurDas:

Papu Pom Pom, Koyal Banarjee, Bijay Mohanty, Boby Mishra, Priyanka, Banku Bala, Trupti Sinha, Ashrumochan mohanty and many other…

Today SurDas music sitting has held in a commercial hotel at Bhubaneswar.

Watch Surdas Music Sitting on

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