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Sushant Mani,  The Name Itself Enough To Create Some Meaning

Sushant Mani


Sushant Mani,  the name itself enough to create some meaning. He is one of the most talented directors of Oriya Film Industry of recent times. Apart from directing he is also an Editor, story writer too. With versatility in various aspects of film making he cemented a place for himself in Ollywood. Always his direction every film is running with huge response and much appreciation.


Sushant Mani


He holds a degree in film making at National School of Drama (NSD) . There he edited and directed on sets of Hollywood projects like Dreaming Lhasa. He made many documentaries that were showcased at Mumbai International Film Festival and Japan International Film Festival. He also won many awards, including the state award for editing.

Sushant Mani

Life & Acting Career:

Sushant belongs to a lower middle class family. He has struggled a lot in his life and finally he reached the place he could ever imagined. But Sushant believes that he is yet to go a long way.

No doubt, Sushant Mani is a multi-talented personality and known for his innovative working skills. People came to know him from the Odia album videos, he has edited & directed for Sarthak Music.

After doing some successive superhit albums, he started to work in Odia films as an editor and then director. He has edited a number of Oriya albums, films, television serials, short films and documentaries. His first film is “Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa”.

Much appreciated films Abhimanyu and Aama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi Ki directed by him. He has written the stories and screenplay of some of his films. His unique style working process is reflecting in his movies.

Filmography Of Sushant Mani:

As A Director:

2016 – Tu Kahibu Na Mun

2015 – Hello – In Love, Kehi Nuhen Kahara

2014 – Pagala Karichu Tu, Lekhu Lekhu Lekhideli, Golapi, Golapi, Akhire Akhira

2013 – Mun Eka Tumara

2012 – Luchakali

2011 – Chocolate, 143 I Love You, Most Wanted 

2010 – Aama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi,

2009 – Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa, Abhimanyu


As An Editor:

2014 – Pagala Karichu Tu, Akhire Akhira

2013 – Tu Mo Dehara Chhai, Mun Eka Tumara, Deewana Diwani

2012 – Parshuram, Love Master, Raja Jhia Sange Heigala Bhaba

2011 – 143 – I Love You, Most Wanted

2010 – Aama Bhitare Kichhi Achhi

2009 – Abhimantyu, Dream Girl, Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa, Prem Rogi

2008 – Mate Ta Love Helare, Hasiba Puni Mo Suna Sanshara, Kalinga Putra, Bande Utkal Janani

2007 – Samaya Hatare Dori, Rashika Nagara, Dhauli Express, Mun Tate Love Karuchi,

2006 – Sashu Ghara Chalijibi

2005 – Jiwan Mrutyu

2000 – Hari Bhai Harena


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