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Sweety Patnaik A Well Known Name In TV Serial Industry

Biography Of Sweety Patnaik:

Sweety Patnaik has a tremendous acting talent through which she is able to made people cry and smile with her. She never thought to come into acting line when she was in school. But in her college time she started doing odia music albums and able to make a place for her viewers heart.

During her school days, she had to move around across India, due to her father’s posting in the Armed Forces. She born in Assam and completed her basic schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), Kolkata, and her Class X from a KV in Punjab. She did her graduation (2006) in English (Honours) from Udala College, Mayurbhanj  and postgraduation (2008) in English from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. Sweety also has a Law degree from Takatpur University in Baripada.

Sweety was very famous in Odia album world and done over 800 album songs. Then she began her career with a serial Kaliyuga in Doordarshan. Also worked as a female lead in ETV’s Aahuti, Now Sweety is well known as Manini, a serial “Manini” running in Sarthak TV channel and she is leading.

Sweety is a very positive girl and confident in her work. She feels happy that the entertainment industry has provided her the right platform to pursue her passion and also feel great when she got appreciation for her work.


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