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Upcoming Odia Movie “BOBAL TOKA “

S-Picture’s productions upcoming odia movie “BOBAL TOKA” is coming soon to screen. Bobal Toka is the 3rd venture of            S-Picture’s production. Direction by Sudhakar Vasanth, Asst direction by Santosh, Rakesh, Mantu and T.Srinivas, star cast by Pradeep with Tapaswini.

Cast & Crew of BOBAL TOKA:-


Director:-  Sudhakar Vasanth

Asst Director:- Santosh, Rakesh, Mantu and T.Srinivas

Staring:- Pradeep, Tapaswini, Pragnya Ranjan,Jiban Panda,                         Madhu,Papu Santuka,Subham, Prativa Panda.

Camera:- Pradeep Kumar Sahoo

BOBAL TOKA Bobal Toka Upcoming Odia Movie “BOBAL TOKA “ bobal toka

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