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Zeena Samal’s Upcoming Movie “Premara Nisha Niara Niara” To Hit Theaters Soon

In Odia tv serial industry and also in Odia film industry Zeena Samal always proved herself with the versatility in her acting. Her acting journey started from the odia album songs and flowing on a full speed with many serials, movies. Her acting rocked the market in recent released odia movie Bhaina Kan Kala Se.

Again she is coming with a new movie Premara Nisha Niara Niara with a challenging character, her father character is playing by Jurdge Tiadi. She is opposite Of new comer Subham Naik. Need to wait till 9th Dec when the movie will be released. Subham is apparently a police officer, who is on a mission. Manoj Mishra is playing the negative role in the movie.

Also her another movie opposite of Ollywood actor Shritam Das is “Aunty Namaskar” coming to heat the theater very soon.

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