Zindagi Mujhe Pukare A Hindi Music Video By Odisha Boy Siddhant Mishra

Odisha boy Siddhant Mishra’s new Hindi music video ‘Zindagi Mujhe Pukare’ has become popular after it was uploaded to YouTube. It was released by Zee Music Company.

The Cuttack boy has lent his voice, written and also composed the song in Hindi. The music video has got an overwhelming response within days of its release and surpassed 94,368 views by the time of filing this report.

The music video “Zindgi Mujhe Pukare” is his independent project and few more Odias are also involved in the making of the melodious track. While the song has been acted by Amrit Chatterjee, directed by Saurav Dash, Siddhant Mishra and Sangeet Patnaik have done music arrangements of the song. The solo track would subsequently be released on other platforms including on TV.

Siddhant had earlier created a rage on the internet and YouTube with his two songs—Banjara and Afetien. He was also the fifth artist to feature in Kingfisher Backstage concert.

He also so far has composed over 60 songs, of which 12 have been quite popular on the internet. He had started his career by singing in various rock concerts in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. He had completed training in designing and recording from Whistling Woods International Institute, Mumbai.

Zindagi Mujhe Pukare A Hindi Music Video By Odisha Boy Siddhant Mishra

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